Thinking about a Christening?

Many people get in touch with the church when they're thinking about having their child christened (or baptised, which is another term for the same event).    Here's a little bit more information to tell you what it's all about.

Baptism is about a welcome into God’s family. So baptisms/christenings happen in our usual morning church services with our church family present.
Above all, baptism is about promises – the promise of God to love and keep the child; the promise of the family to help them to get to know God for themselves.At the baptism the parents and godparents make certain statements about their own faith in Jesus Christ. 

Three visual symbols help us to think about special ways in which God connects with his people: 


the sign of the cross (on which Jesus died to prove his love for the world) 

the sign of the water (a symbol of being clean and refreshed on the inside as well as the outside)


    the sign of light (reminder of Jesus as the light of the world in dark places).

Baptism doesn’t make a child a Christian (ie. Christ-en them) in a way that means there’s no need to bother with God after this day!  It’s a step of faith taken by family, who are then expected to guide a child to the point of making their own personal decision about faith in God, later in life.  We pray for – and expect- God’s blessing on the child, but it’s just the first step in a long journey of faith.  We hope we can find a way to help you carry on the journey.

If you want to think more about baptism, (and of course, adults may wish to be baptised too) please contact the Vicar who will arrange to meet with you at home, to talk more about things.  You'll then be asked to come to church and share in a service before the date is planned.  A further visit to your home will take place before the service itself.

You might also be interested in thinking about a 'Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child' either before a baptism, or if you feel that baptism asks just a bit too much commitment at this stage.

You may also find this website helpful:

Please get in touch with the vicar if you want to find out more.

Rev John Hudghton  8, Bluebell Close, Hayfield. email:  Tel: 07875 500525

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