What is the Electoral Roll?

                                The‘Electoral Roll’


As a regular part of our Annual Meetings,our ‘Church Electoral roll’ is updated, although your name may be added at any time, subject to ratification by the Church Council.   But some people may not be clear as to what it is.
Question: Is it the same as the register of electors?
Yes and no.  The register of electors is a register of individuals in a government district who are entitled to vote in government elections.  The church has its own ‘roll’ of those entitled to vote in church-based decisions and elections.  

Question: What do I have to do to have my name on the roll?  
Fill in a brief form. You must be over 16 years of age, baptised, and a ‘habitual worshipper’ at the church you want to belong to.  You can still be entered on the roll if you do not reside in the parish but regularly attend church.  If you are not a confirmed member of the Church of England but have another denominational background you may still be eligible to be on the roll, but you may want to speak to the Vicar about being confirmed.

Question: I’ve heard that having my name on the roll affects the ‘quota’. Is that true?
The ‘quota’ or parish share is a sum of money paid annually to the diocese, as contribution towards clergy stipends, housing, pensions, training and other costs of ministry.  The number of electoral roll members in each parish is one of many factors included in the formula used to calculate the share required to be paid by the parish.  So it does have some effect - but if the electoral roll figure is high, it indicates a growing church, and we could hardly expect to have a growing church which then pays less than other places for
their ministry.
Question: What does it mean if I have my name on the Roll?
It means you have signified your commitment to a certain church, which is part of the Church of England.

‘Commitment’ to the Church is defined in the following way, by the leaders of the Church of England:

“All baptised and confirmed members of the Church must play their full part in its life and bear witness to Jesus Christ. 
You are called upon:

  • To follow the example of Christ in home and daily life and bear witness to him     
  • To be regular in private prayer day by day     
  • To read the Bible carefully   
  • To come to Church every Sunday·    
  • To receive the Holy communion faithfully and regularly     
  • To give personal service to Church,neighbours and community    
  • To uphold the standard of marriage entrusted by Christ to His Church     
  • To care that children are brought up to love and serve the Lord     
  • To give money for the work of the Parish and Diocese and for the work of the Church at home and overseas