Youth Bursary Fund

One of the best things I did as a young volunteer church assistant was to be a leader on summer youth camps.  We took over a school building in Aberaeron on the west Wales coast for a week in the summer holidays.

Whilst we were there, the children were formed into ‘dorms’ and spent time in various activities – ‘decathlon’, fun fair, beach barbeques, workshops on desktop publishing, crafts, a talent show, a fancy dress ‘officer hunt’ throughout the town….the list goes on.  
But within all that action and fun was a very serious aim.  We wanted the children – some from church backgrounds and Christian families, others who were not- to think more about Jesus Christ.  So twice a day we met for sessions altogether where different aspects of Christian faith were presented – through talks, drama, music and prayer.  There were quiet times of prayer in the dormitories and we saw many children go home with a new sense of what it meant to know Jesus Christ for themselves. Others found help for things that bothered them in other ways whilst in this very different environment.

In St Matthew’s, for a number of years, we have tried to support young people financially with the opportunity to go on camps like these, run by established Christian organisations.  They have been on drama camps, to Edale's Peak Centre, to Lee Abbey in Devon and to other venues. The young people who've returned have been full of enthusiasm for what they've enjoyed.
We would like to do more and invite more children to go to something that can be truly life-changing.

In 2012 we began a fund to help young people to go on these holidays.  It has done well but the money is now gone.  If you’d like to make a contribution, then please give cash or a cheque (payable to St Matthew’s PCC) in an envelope clearly marked ‘YOUTH BURSARY FUND’ to our PCC treasurer Mrs Joke Howell or to a churchwarden or to me.  Youngsters will be invited on these camps so it won’t be a ‘free for all’ and you can be sure your money will be very well spent.  

Thank you.
 Hilary Edgerton